Applied Business Leadership & Strategy

The purpose of this module is to learn, develop, and apply the professional knowledge and soft skills associated with leadership, business fundamentals, business integration, and strategy in the workplace. The module can be used for advanced academic leveling and employee development. It is particularly suited for learners and employees who may not have a strong academic and/or experience in business. It is designed to serve as a survey of business disciplines, leadership, and strategy with an emphasis on business integration.

Module Length: 100-110 Learner Hours

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Experiential Learning

Pair the Applied Business Leadership and Strategy module with OneDay: Business Strategy Simulation for an exceptional experiential learning experience.


A Consultative Approach

Peregrine offers a consultative approach to providing and delivering real solutions to real challenges. We welcome you to contact us to discuss the needs of your institution and learners.

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Engaging and Dynamic

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Interactive Learning

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Pre and Post Tests

This module includes a pre-test and post-test. The pre-test provides learners with an idea of their relative knowledge in the subject, and the post-test is used to ensure learners have grasped the concepts needed for success.

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Client Admin

Peregrine provides higher education professionals with Client Admin access for this module which is used to track learner progress and generate both individual and summative reports.

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Our Approach

Applied Business Leadership and Strategy Learning Outcomes

Throughout this module, learners can expect to meet the following learning outcomes:

+ Apply concepts associated with business leadership, marketing, and macroeconomics.
+ Model time management within a business setting.
+ Evaluate the business environment relative to the global dimensions of business, organizational behavior, and human resource management.
+ Recognize operational opportunities and constraints.
+ Conduct business analysis with emphasis on operations/production management, qualitative analysis using statistics, and microeconomics.
+ Formulate strategic options and quantitative support for strategic options.
+ Know how to lead teams, manage conflict, and lead change.
+ Conduct hypothesis testing and follow-up.
+ Apply accounting, business finance, and business ethics concepts and principles.
+ Conduct feasibility and implementation analysis.
+ Apply interpersonal communication skills within a legally compliant business operation.
+ Communicate strategy to key stakeholders.
+ Explain business information management systems.
+ Explain business integration and perform strategic management.

  • Applied Business Leadership and Strategy Syllabus

    This document is the syllabus for the Applied Business Leadership and Strategy module. The syllabus lists the instructional topics, learning outcomes, and organization for the module.

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  • Applied Business Leadership and Strategy Module Description

    This document provides a description of the Applied Business Leadership and Strategy module.

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Real Solutions

At Peregrine, we believe in taking a solution-based approach to solving the needs of our thought-partners. The Applied Business Leadership and Strategy module supports Executive Education, Experiential Learning, Filling Curriculum Gaps, and Workplace Skills Development Solutions.

Higher Education

+ Used for advanced academic leveling where the need is to teach business and leadership fundamentals with application in the workplace.

Business & Industry

+ Used to develop managers and executives on the integration of business areas in today’s global operational environment.

  • Academic Leveling Solutions – module Topics and Outcomes

    This report provides details concerning the topics, subjects, and learning outcomes for the modules used for academic leveling.

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Great for all Types of Learners

Higher Education

+ Advanced academic leveling for graduate students.
+ Graduate-level business strategy course.

Business, Industry, Nonprofits, & Agencies

+ New manager orientation to leadership, business operations, and strategy.

  • Leading Edge Learning Brochure

    The Leading Edge Learning brochure provides a brief overview of the solutions and support competencies.

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For Organizations

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+ Course Pack includes a combination of individual modules up to 60 learner hours.
+ Course Pack Plus is a combination of individual modules up to 135 learner hours.

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