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Your Bridge to Supervision: Solving Team Performance Issues

Course Description

Teamwork makes the dream work. It is a cliché but holds true. Despite best efforts and intentions, things happen that impact team performance. As a supervisor, you will likely be responsible for solving these performance issues and getting the team back on track. In this unit, you will learn and understand issues related to team performance, including communication issues, team conflict, engagement, and morale. Gain practical and proven strategies to help you get your team back on track and stay there.

This unit includes an online course and a 2 hour live or on-demand seminar presented by our experts in leadership. Solving Team Performance Issues is one unit within the full 12-unit program – Your Bridge to Supervision. To learn more about or purchase the full program visit the Your Bridge to Supervision page.

6-8 Learner Hours | 5 SHRM PDCs | 3.5 POST hrs | .5 Wyoming Professional Standards Credits

What will you learn?

  • The steps for performance management problem analysis.
  • How to conduct an employee performance counseling session.
  • Situations where corrective action is needed.
  • The legal constraints for corrective action, discipline, and termination.
  • The 10 keys to maximizing employee performance.
  • A strategy matrix to help you decide how best to maximize performance with specific employees.

Who is this course for?

  • Newly selected supervisors.
  • Individuals developing skills for a future supervisory role.
  • Individuals making the transition to a supervisory role.
  • Leaders who need a refresher course on supervision.

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