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Your Bridge to Supervision: Planning and Organizing

Course Description

Prioritize planning and goal setting to avoid crises, lower stress levels, and support your employees. Supervisors frequently offer two reasons for not planning as much as they should: lack of time and constant need to put out fires. Unfortunately, this often leads to ongoing crises, as supervisors find themselves fixing one dilemma while hurrying on to the next. Caught in this stressful cycle, they quickly use up one of their most precious resources: time.  In this unit, you will learn how to become better organized, more efficient, and stop wasting valuable time. Learn to develop plans to achieve goals and be more successful.

This unit includes an online course and a 2 hour live or on-demand seminar presented by our experts in leadership. Planning and Organizing is one unit within the full 12-unit program – Your Bridge to Supervision. To learn more about or purchase the full program visit the Your Bridge to Supervision page.

6-8 Learner Hours | 5 SHRM PDCs | 3.5 POST hrs | .5 Wyoming Professional Standards Credits

What will you learn?

  • The planning process.
  • How to set team goals to setup for success.
  • How to employ the decision-making process for a variety of situations and requirements.
  • How to build your planning process upon organizational planning to ensure alignment.
  • How to use the strategic planning process to manage your time and energy.

Who is this course for?

  • Newly selected supervisors.
  • Individuals developing skills for a future supervisory role.
  • Individuals making the transition to a supervisory role.
  • Leaders who need a refresher course on supervision.

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