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Your Bridge to Supervision: Communications and Ethics

Course Description

Become a communications expert. Communication is a critical leadership competency. Developing solid communications skills takes effort, practice, and active learning. Also, the ability to model and communicate good ethical behavior requires a decision-making framework. In this unit, you will learn the various communication media, the communication network, communication barriers, active listening techniques, the best use of electronic communication tools, and how your nonverbal communication impacts your message.

This unit includes an online course and a 2 hour live or on-demand seminar presented by our experts in leadership. Communications and Ethics is one unit within the full 12-unit program – Your Bridge to Supervision. To learn more about or purchase the full program visit the Your Bridge to Supervision page.

6-8 Learner Hours | 5 SHRM PDCs | 3.5 POST hrs | .5 Wyoming Professional Standards Credits

What will you learn?

  • What type of communications media is appropriate for different types of communications.
  • Communications flow and the communications network.
  • The barriers to communication and how to overcome them.
  • Improve your written, oral, nonverbal, and electronic communication skills.
  • How to employ active listening skills in the workplace.
  • How to evaluate a moral or ethical conflict and practice ethical decision-making.

Who is this course for?

  • Newly selected supervisors.
  • Individuals developing skills for a future supervisory role.
  • Individuals making the transition to a supervisory role.
  • Leaders who need a refresher course on supervision.

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