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Your Bridge to Supervision

Be the type of leader that inspires and motivates. Leadership is about earning trust and respect through modeled behaviors and actions. One of the most challenging transitions in one’s leadership journey is when a person becomes directly in charge of others – the supervisor. Whether you are beginning your journey into leadership or are part way through, this program will give you the tools and confidence to build upon your existing skills and become the kind of supervisor you wish you had.

This 12-unit series teaches the values, skills, and actions associated with supervision and being a leader. Each unit includes an online course paired with an on-demand seminar. Complete the program to receive a digital badge and certificate in Supervision-Management.  

This program provides you with 84 hours of instructional content and 2 years of unlimited access. 

online supervisor training

Included Units

  • Understanding Leadership
  • Supervisor Transitions
  • Communications & Ethics
  • Preparing for the Supervisory Challenge
  • Supervising Your Team
  • Solving Team Performance Issues

  • Developing Your Team
  • Workplace Compliance and Safety
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Ethics and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leading Your Team Through Change
  • Continuous Quality Improvement

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Continuing Education and Professional Development Credits

  • Your Bridge to Supervision units are recognized by SHRM and offer up to 60 Professional Development Credits for SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®.
  • WY POST approved – each unit is worth 3.5 POST hours or earn 42 POST hours for the full program. 90% participation is required.
  • Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board provides up to 6 credits for Your Bridge to Supervision. Each unit can be completed for .5 credits.