A Deep Dive into EvaluSkills: Workplace Skills Assessment

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022 @11 AM EST   |    Duration:1 Hour   |   Hosted By: The Peregrine Team

Broadly recognized is a growing need for higher education to effectively develop the soft skills learners need to succeed in a knowledge-based economy. Interpersonal skills, leadership, critical thinking, and self-regulation are recognized as twenty-first-century learning skills. They are imperative to the health and stability of the global workforce. However, defining and measuring these personal attributes that prepare students for success is complex. As a result, higher education has long wrestled with demonstrating how their soft skill development activities produce career-ready graduates.

In this webinar, we will discuss how higher education institutions can help address the soft skills gap through assessment. Learn more about how your program or institution can utilize EvaluSkills to develop and assess your learners’ soft skills.