The Blended Approach to Employee Development

APR 06, 2021 @11 AM EST   |   Duration:1 Hour   |   Hosted By: The Peregrine Team

The Blended Approach to Employee Development - A Success Story

Apr 6, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
In-person training and workshops became nearly impossible for some companies and converting instructor-led training to a virtual format has proven difficult. Furthermore, adopting technology such as Zoom and WebEx to simply deliver a lecture has proven to be ineffective, nonengaging, and contributes to “Zoom fatigue.” The largest issue is that many virtual workshops and training do not provide the same level of interaction, discussion, and applied learning. Within an in-person
workshop, participants often learn just as much from their facilitator as they do from each other.

Learn more about how Peregrine Global Services overcame these challenges with a dynamic and blended approach to employee and leadership development.

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